We understand the importance of equities as a powerful asset class for long-term wealth creation. With our expertise and dedication, we aim to empower investors like you to make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals.

Broadly defined, Equity and Growth Investments simply means taking ESG criteria into account. Yet this definition disguises the complexity of an industry that, at its worst, can be prohibitively convoluted. According to the Institute of International Finance, there are over 80 different terms used to describe approaches to sustainable investing. Despite this complexity, we see the industry coalescing around three primary approaches:

The Excitement of Cryptocurrency Trading

In today's digital age, another avenue for growth investment is cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin and Ethereum, have captured the imagination of investors worldwide. These digital assets are known for their incredible volatility, offering opportunities for traders to profit from price fluctuations. Cryptocurrency trading is not for the faint of heart, but for the bold investor, it can lead to remarkable gains. The global cryptocurrency market reached a market capitalization of over $2 trillion in 2021, highlighting the growing interest in digital assets [^3^]. Major financial centers like New York, London, and Singapore have become hubs for cryptocurrency trading.

Venture into Growth with Venture Capital

For those with an appetite for higher risk and higher rewards, venture capital investments offer an exciting opportunity. Venture capital is all about nurturing startups and early-stage companies poised for substantial growth. These investments often come with higher risk, but the potential for extraordinary returns makes them an attractive choice for those seeking to be part of groundbreaking innovations. Venture capital opportunities can be found worldwide. Silicon Valley in California, for instance, is renowned as a global hub for tech startups and venture capital. In 2020, Silicon Valley attracted approximately $76.4 billion in venture capital investments [^2^]. However, innovative startups can be found in locations all over the world, from Tel Aviv to Bangalore and beyond.

Understanding Equity Investments

At Arequitie, we believe in the power of equity investments. At its core, equity investment signifies ownership. When you invest in equities, you become a shareholder in a company, holding a piece of its assets and future earnings. This means you have a stake in its fortunes and growth potential. Equity investments can take the form of individual stocks or participation in equity funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that pool investments in a diversified portfolio of stocks.

Equity investments have a rich history of delivering impressive returns. For instance, the S&P 500, a benchmark index of U.S. stocks, has delivered an average annual return of approximately 10% over the last 90 years, after adjusting for inflation .These investments are not geographically limited; they provide global exposure. You can invest in companies worldwide, from Silicon Valley tech giants to emerging markets in Asia and Europe.

Investing in the Future with Private Equity

Private equity takes growth investments a step further by providing access to non-publicly traded companies. This avenue is suitable for investors looking for opportunities in uncharted territories, and it often involves a longer investment horizon. Private equity investments may require patience, but they can lead to substantial rewards as these companies mature and develop.

Private equity investments are typically located in major financial centers such as New York City, London, and Hong Kong. For instance, London accounted for approximately 28% of private equity investments in Europe in 2020, totaling €10.5 billion

Unlike exclusionary screening, which reduces the investment universe and is implemented typically before investment analysis takes place, ESG integration expands the scope of information considered.

Our experts can manage your investments for you.

We provide a suite of services, including discretionary investment management, where our experts tailor your investments to your preferences. Our investment managers handle all investment decisions on your behalf, from selecting assets to timing, allowing you to focus on life's pleasures with confidence in your well-managed investments.

At Arequitie, our clients are at the center of everything that we do. Understanding each client’s unique perspective is our priority, to ensure investment strategies are tailored to their specific needs, wishes and circumstances.

Sustainable investing is part of this journey. Sustainability preferences will be integrated formally into the Agilta Capital Advisory Process in a staggered rollout. The process starts with dialogue
These insights enable the identification of relevant investment approaches that can best achieve financial and sustainable objectives. Motivations for investing sustainably are varied and complex, but we have identified three main motivations for investing sustainably.


Most sustainable investment strategies at Arequitie Investment exclude firms that derive a significant portion of their revenue (5% or more) from the following business activities: conventional weapons and firearms, tobacco, adult entertainment and gambling. For thermal coal power generation and mining, a revenue threshold of 20% is applied. Over time, this threshold may be reduced in order to reflect an ongoing transition to a low carbon economy

Sustainable Investing

Motivations for Investing Sustainably.


Avoid harm

Clients who wish to avoid investments in controversial business-activities or in companies that violate international norms and standards.


ESG aware

Clients who wish to integrate ESG considerations, with the goal of mitigating risks or identifying ESG opportunities. Increasingly, institutional investors may also view ESG integration as a fiduciary duty.


Impact oriented

Clients who wish to invest in companies or projects that have a positive impact on people and/or planet and which address one or more of the UN SDGs