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A global investment organization that helps investors realize the possibilities to what they can achieve, we also find new ways to deliver opportunities no matter how you define them. Our commitment to all customers has been at the core of who we are for years now as we are committed to constantly creating and reinventing with the singular purpose of making a real difference for our customers.

Arequitie is an asset and wealth management organization offering business development opportunities and new technology. We make use of the best valued fast-growing digital currencies as payment methods. We are globally known due to our diversification in various equities, where all invested capitals are channeled into for more profit making.

We seek to grow wealth and manage risk with predominantly growth-oriented equities, with a prudent allocation to defensive bonds in balancing growth and income via diversified fixed income and dividend-paying equities.

Sustainability Is Part Of The Investment Process


Impact oriented

Furthermore, our aim is to integrate significant sustainability factors into every investment scenario, encompassing matters related to climate-related risks and potential advantages. Our commitment to making investments hinges on our comprehensive understanding of the situation, and the depth of our understanding will subsequently shape our confidence in an investment opportunity, impacting both the allocation of resources and our assessment of the potential gains
As an illustration, when considering an investment in an insurance company, our portfolio managers will pay close attention to the company's vulnerability to climate change and the potential impact of rising sea levels. Additionally, we will assess both the challenges and prospects associated with our investments in fossil fuels, including those in oil and natural gas enterprises.


Positive change can take time

We believe ESG factors affect investments unevenly. Environmental improvements take time, but environmental accidents can harm quickly. Social improvements are usually long-term, exceeding our 2-3 year horizon. Yet, like environmental issues, social problems can quickly hurt a company's reputation and value.

Sustainable Investing

Motivations for Investing Sustainably.


Avoid harm

Clients who wish to avoid investments in controversial business-activities or in companies that violate international norms and standards.


ESG aware

Clients who wish to integrate ESG considerations, with the goal of mitigating risks or identifying ESG opportunities. Increasingly, institutional investors may also view ESG integration as a fiduciary duty.


Impact oriented

Clients who wish to invest in companies or projects that have a positive impact on people and/or planet and which address one or more of the UN SDGs

We adhere to a set of core values and associated behaviours that define us

Our values


We are performance oriented and unafraid to make decisions; we expect to be held accountable for the choices we make.


We readily share information with others and work honestly and with integrity to inspire trust and confidence.


We operate as one firm, acting as team players and always working in the best interest of the company as a whole.


Whether you’re a global institution, financial advisor or high-net-worth individual, we’re committed to fostering innovative ideas, promoting healthy economies and enabling social progress across the globe right now and for generations to come

Company Analysis

Our Goals

Arequitie's Investment’s goals have been to improve people’s lives through successful investing which we know that our history is a testament to the strength of the people we employ. We are an equal opportunity employer, which means we comply with all federal, state and local laws that prohibit discrimination when making all decisions about employment.

Whether you would like to have your investments managed or would rather make your own investment decisions with the support of an investment adviser, our experts can make sure your money is working as hard as possible for you.